The Early Years…Virginia

We came back to the States when I was five. The only thing I remember about flying back to the Unites States was our layover in Alaska. There was this huge stuffed polar bear in the airport. The thing that struck me the most though was looking out the airport window and thinking it looked like God had painted the sky just for me.

Coming Home

Our first place that we lived was in an apartment in Falls Church, Virginia.

I have some crazy memories of living in that apartment.

The guy that lived in a neighboring apartment who used to roll his eyelids back who used to scare my little sister to the point that she swore she would NEVER leave the house again.

My sister who was around three at the time got in a hit and run bike accident. We went for an ambulance ride to the hospital where we found out that Lynn’s leg had been broke.

Going to midnight mass on Christmas Eve and came home to discover that our apartment had gotten broken into while we were at church. The thieves left a lot of things that would have been worth money but they stole the jar that my parents kept all their change in.


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